Gaia Minute Prayer ~ A Guide
At every moment whenever there’s a connection, that’s prayer.
~Swami Shraddhananda 'Eli'
Pray… Pray… Pray… Gaia needs your prayers.
Just pray with total surrender,
in complete faith…
and that prayer collectively done –
at least 1,000 or 1,500 people,
done at the same time,
will generate the positive healing energy for all of us.
Not asking for anyone special,
not even for the betterment of general life.
Just surrender and praying.

Om Namo Narayanam


If you keep your palms upside down,
how can you hold the blessings in your palm.
So to receive the prayers also,
to receive the blessings also,
you are to turn your palm the right way up and receive it.
Praying is that.
Although we know that the blessings are around,
but to be aware of the blessings
we’re to put our palm the right way up
so that it comes into our palm.
That is the prayer which has the maximum power.

~Swami Shraddhananda


Video Transcribed by Anna "HummingBird"

Swami Shraddhananda 'Eli' speaks about prayer and meditaton

Text of message:


Meditation by itself. Meditation is slightly more difficult compared to prayers. Each one of us has our own inner light.Some of us has our own inner light shining to a certain extent.. Meditation is not for the light: Meditation is for even greater than that. We have various different spiritual ways. e.g. Reiki is one of them. There are various kinds of 'healing techniques' - these are not really techniques. These are powers from our own light.
But we are trying to talk about a much bigger consciousness. And there the meditation that I am talking about is - should I say - yoga at its extreme. Not the normal meditation. The meditation which slowly gives you levitating powers: I'm talking about meditation at that level.
And prayers also ultimately would take you to the same merging of the consciousness. But prayer is easier, because prayer needs only two fundamental things: one, complete faith; two: total surrender. Not that having faith and total surrender is easy. That also comes with time. That also comes with practice and definitely a lot of Divine Grace. Whereas in meditation we say - I am doing it; in prayer we say - You are doing it. I surrender. That's basically the difference.
So meditation is me. I. So-ham. Shivoham. Shivoham. Prayer is
Twameva mata cha pita twameva [You are my mother and father]
Twameva bandhushcha sakha twameva [You are my friend and companion]
Twameva vidya dravinam twameva [You are the bestower of the highest wealth and knowledge]
Twameva sarvam mam deva deva.[You are All-in-All]

Swami Shraddhananda,'Eli', a sage from the mountains, brought the message of a collectively daily prayer project. Here he explains meditation and prayer.
The recorder is moving as I walk; so the video is shaky. Enjoy the naturalness of this recording. Listen. With your heart. That is where this message can be absorbed.

What is Prayer? What is Meditation?

Swami Shraddhananda 'Eli': in a conversation about the Gaia Minute
 What Siona is doing in the Gaia Minute Call, is a guided prayer to put everyone together in the same vibration at the same time.

At every moment whenever there’s a connection, that’s prayer.


Prayer has no definite form. It can vary, it can be just a silent prayer. In fact the best prayer is a wordless prayer. Absolutely no words. Nothing. Just expanding into the wide expanse around you and
beyond the earth to the universe. It's giving. Just give. And just be quiet and merge.

It's a state of being. Regularity is very important.
Regularity puts you  into a habit and the entire bio-clock and the system gets ready for that particular moment. So while we’re doing it, maybe round the clock, we still fix up a time, which is a definite time – like the Islam people.

 You would notice that when it is their Namaaz time, their prayer time, whatever they are doing – they will drop everything and wherever they are, even if they are on the road – they will stop the car, offer their prayers at that particular moment. Regularity of a particular moment is very important.

So doing it round the clock within yourself is one thing, but doing it at the same point of time everyday - Just like our bio-clock starts responding to hunger, to sleep, similarly the spiritual energy also starts gearing up and getting ready for the prayer, when you start doing it regularly at the same moment every day.


So I would request each one of you to at least have some sort of regularity, preferably daily – maybe even five minutes is okay – but do it every day at the same point of time, 5 o’ clock in the morning, 6 o’ clock in the morning, 9 o’ clock in the morning, 9.09 at night, whatever. But do it at the same time every day at least once.

That will put you into a system whereby your system is going to respond to the universal call. This is what I want to tell each one of you. Please try to be regular so far as the clock is concerned.

It actually cannot be said, it can only be felt. Prayer has got different levels.

Broadly there are 3 kinds of prayers.

One is when you ask something for yourself. That’s a general prayer.
 ‘Oh Lord give me this, Oh Lord shield me from this, Oh Lord, I’m in trouble, etc, etc’. This is one kind of prayer

The 2nd classification I would say is when you are praying for someone. Like you have a prayer list
and you’re mentioning names or maybe someone is sick who you’re praying
on behalf of, or asking for healing or relief, that’s another kind of
prayer. Sometimes you pray for healing.

The prayer that I am suggesting is, pray for nothing. Pray just for the sake of praying. And there is not even an intention… there’s nothing. There’s just you and the universe. There's just being. Just expanding. Just giving…


The closest I can tell you is  that of mother feeding breast milk to a baby. That giving. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, not even an intention.That is the highest level of prayer.

At that level you lose words, you don’t even have words. You don't really have words at that point … you just sort of overflow from inside. And that goes out and creates the vibration. What we need is that kind of prayer together.



If you ever lie down and look up at the sky when there is no moon, but all the stars are around. Then what do you feel? It is that feeling. Try and get the essence of what I’m trying to say. In a dark night if you're lying on your back on a rooftop or somewhere… and the sky is full of stars and there is darkness… but within the darknessthere are these bright stars around and you feel that immenseness and then slowly you sort of melt  into it… you dissolve yourself… you just become that ONE.  



So I don’t think its ‘acceptance’, it’s not even ‘giving’, it’s much beyond all that. You can only feel..When you start doing it you can only feel it. I just don’t have any words.At that level there’s hardly any difference between meditation and prayer. At that point it sort of merges because ultimately both are
taking you to the same.

There’s only one light. Just one light. Prayer and meditation. Trouble is that meditation requires a little bit of training, prayer comes naturally.The system is naturally attuned to prayer. But for meditation you need to learn certain techniques, you need to learn the breath control and so on, before you
can settle down.

But ultimately both reach the same point so at that highest level I don’t think there is much difference between praying and meditation.


Meditation cannot be done, it happens but prayer can be done. You can sit down and try and meditate but half the time your mind is

running away here and there – so when meditation happens, it happens.

Meditation cannot be ‘consciously done’ – unless you’re so highly practiced that you just sit down and immediately you have that Samadhi – but that takes long practice and your life style has got to
change  and things like that. So I would say – meditation happens.


There is for example japa, the seed mantra, which you repeat, not loudly but internally.


And then there is Dhyaan (or Dhyana), Dhyaan is meditation. You sit down and start repeating the seed mantra which in any case we are doing all the time internally, yet consciously at that point I’m repeating it  in my heart and suddenly that mantra vanishes and nothing remains. Suddenly I find that I’m into nowhere. I’m deep into Samadhi. It just happens. When it will happen I don’t know. 


Levels of samadhi From The Center of the Cyclone (1972) by Dr. John Lilly, M.D. Gurdjieff
But in prayer, I know that it can be done because I can simply sit down and as
soon as I start expanding, I can pray and that’s the reason I told you
to please pray. Because ultimately both are going to do the same thing.
Both are going to generate the same vibrations. So prayer is the thing
for us.

There is only love. God is Love. The Universe is love. There is nothing except Love

Om Namo Narayanam

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