Gaia Minute has two aspects:

1. Sincere prayer by 1,500-2,000 people EACH day at the SAME appointed time.

2. At the individual level, Prayer as Daily Practice

9:09 : the Gaia minute 
Each day at 9:09 in the morning or evening, let us spend a moment or more to beam our highest vibration into Gaia, Mother Earth with all sentient and insentient beings. 

To raise our vibration, we can pray, meditate, hold intention or simply visualize Gaia as healed, healing, whole, radiant. 

When thousands of people join together in an endeavor such as this, the energies so generated can bring miraculous changes. 

 When we participate at 9:09 in our own time zone, Mother Earth and all of us get the benefit of round-the-clock healing, becoming whole...

~Meenakshi Suri, September 2009. 


1500 Gaia Minute countdown    

Why 9:09?

 9:09 is a code, a reminder for us to participate in this call. We can choose any regular time that suits us.

Regularity is very important. 

On the Number 9   

We are at the forefront of an initiative to bring together 1,500-2,000 people in each time zone who will daily be in Gaia mindfulness. They may not all be members of this website  or of our sister network, but they can be people around us who derive inspiration from our presence and sharing.
*A gift from Swami Shraddhananda "Eli", and many who met in a wondrous place called ~ Gaia Community ~ Siona,  Bhatta,  Meenakshi,  Kathy/(~Kes),  Anna,  Gien,  Deb,  Rev. O. M. Bastet,  Taikunping,  Alluvja,  Helen,  Lars,  Laurie,  Asteri and many others joining every day.
              The neelkanth or blue-throated bird is fabled to take our messages to the heavens. It's also called the Blue jay or Indian Roller.

Simultaneous Prayer

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